About Us

In the year of our Lord 1920, an idea was implanted in the hearts of a few loyal and God-fearing Christian families who had recently settled in the sparsely populated community of Powderly. Although there were three black churches serving in the community, it was envisioned by one of these men, a minister of the Gospel, that this was fertile ground for rapid growth and productivity of human worth.

In this God-given wisdom, he knew another place of worship, Christian Education and leadership would be a necessity. Thus came the inception of the COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST CHURCH. Under the leadership of the late Rev. H.B. Brown, the organizational structure was planned and the first edifice for worship was erected.

In the year of 1921, during the pastorate of the late Rev. J.B. Woods, the corner stone was laid with proper ceremonies being held. The Church thrived, increasing in membership, Christian affiliations and activity in community affairs.

With God still leading, in the year of 1944, under the pastorate of the late Rev. C.M. Smith, plans were made to purchase a better location and erect a larger more useful edifice that would allow the expansion of our Christian Services and duties.

Thus in the year 1950 our present site was purchased. After careful consideration, the name West End Hills Missionary Baptist Church was adopted in keeping with the new community in which we had settled. Our Church was completed in the year 1965 under the administration of the late Rev. C.M. Smith.

Following the death of Rev. C.M. Smiths in 1967, Rev. Wilmer Jerome Jackson was called as Pastor. He and his loving wife, the late Sis. Mary E. Jackson worked tirelessly and diligently, reaching out to the community, continuously building the membership and serving the needs of any and all whom required and assistance.

Reverend Jackson served as Pastor for 36 years and continues to dedicate himself to his work as Pastor Emeritus. Upon Reverend Jackson’s retirement, we were blessed with a God-sent leader in the person of Rev. Dennis Brown.

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